Funeral Transportation


Many years ago, the accepted form of funeral transportation was by horse and carriage. The introduction of the motor car saw the origins of the hearse we now use.

Today, we have many choices available to us regarding funeral transportation. We are no longer restricted to the familiar hearse and limousine, many of us see on a regular occasion.

Indeed, the form of funeral transportation chosen by the family, can often reflect the life of a loved one.

Paul recalls a funeral service that he conducted in Emsworth, 'I remember that the deceased was a boat builder and as such the funeral was arranged with this in mind. Instead of using the traditional hearse, a custom built deck was attached to the back of a speedboat. The coffin was secured to the deck and conveyed to the church and cemetery by a 4x4 vehicle, with our hearse acting as flower carrier.

The choices available to us become more diverse, year by year.

One of the most favourable choices today, is the splendour of the horse drawn carriage. There is very little to compete with the majesty and sense of occasion this will provide. Our hearse will usually be included in the funeral cortege, and will act a a flower carrier. We can arrange for either a black or white carriage with matching horses.

Other choices may include the use of the motorcycle hearse, where the side car has been adapted to accommodate the coffin. Currently, you can choose from the Triumph for the traditionalist, the Suzuki Hayabusa for the racing enthusiast or the Harley Davidson, for those avid followers of the American marque.

We can also proivde the lorry hearse, based around a 1950's Leyland Beaver. The lorry hearse can accommodate both the coffin and the floral tributes, saving the need for our hearse. You can even travel in the cab with the driver, should you wish.

The VW Camper Van hearse can provide the epitome in personalisation for the surfer. The VW has been coachbuilt with a hearse deck in the rear, and can accommodate the flowers as well as the coffin. To complete the funeral cortege, we can arrange for the following limousines to be based around the VW Beetle.

We spent a considerable amount of time deciding on our own fleet. There are many factors which we needed to consider in our choice. Our hearse and limousine are coach built on the Saab 9-3 chassis, and finished in solid black paintwork.

We chose the Saab range of vehicles as they provide the space we require, whilst also upholding the reliability and quality associated with this marque.

They are very similar to and are based around the Saab 2.0t and 2.3t engines. They provide extremely good fuel consumption and reasonable running costs. We chose petrol engines rather than the diesel option, due to their low noise when waiting outside a family home, and for low CO2 emissions.

Our vehicles are available for inspection at any time. However, we would suggest that an appointment is made to ensure that they are available.